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Architectural Glass and
Lighting Design

Architectural Glass and
Lighting Design

Architectural Glass and
Lighting Design

Architectural Glass and
Lighting Design

Architectural Glass and
Lighting Design

See glass in a new light

With integrated lighting, fresh colors and textures, and remarkable durability*, you can bring your clients a striking new look for their countertops and backsplashes, lighting fixtures, architectural elements and more… when you IMAGINE GLASS.

Get in touch with Founder and Creative Director Steven Lenchner to talk about the unique possibilities of architectural glass and lighting design.

* Did you know? Glass is more weight bearing than granite.

Create continuity of design

Continuity of design takes cues from textures, patterns, colors, and shapes, and integrates them throughout a room — or across multiple spaces — to create balance and symmetry.

When you use glass and light to reflect your design choices — in walls, ceilings, floors, countertops, backsplashes, tiles, doors, windows and more — it can transform ordinary environments into exciting experiences that set your design work apart from others.

Continuity of design from surface to surface.
Continuity of design from furnishing to lighting.

Take fixtures to new heights

In addition to our LightSculpt™ line of glass and counter surfaces, Imagine Glass offers other opportunities for continuity of design through custom-crafted room lighting reflecting your designs or furnishings.

Find out more about how we can help you dazzle your clients by imagining your designs in glass.

Working with Steven was fun and the outcome was just what I wanted (and I am most particular). Steven’s designs are unique, and he knows how to fit in with the existing architecture. I could not have had a better experience.”

— Susan Winston

Great Barrington, MA

Imagine Glass designs are the antidote to granite and marble.

— Amanda Johnson

Beverly Hills, CA

Steven’s work brings gorgeous colors and warm glows to any environment. His beautifully underlit glass countertops, recessed fused glass wall murals, and tasteful large room dividers are distinctively unique.”

— Michael Blum

Hollywood, CA

Steven Lenchner

Founder and Creative Director Steven Lenchner has had a lifelong obsession with color and light. It began when he started lighting plays and musicals at the tender age of 13. He went on to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Lighting and Science Design for Theater. Later, he discovered the medium of kiln formed art glass.

Glass seemed like a natural expression of his passions, allowing Steven to use color and light in a physical medium. The process of melting glass and combining it with color and form allowed him to sculpt a moment of light, capturing by translucence, color, opacity and depth.

Today, Steven is inspired by the challenges of creating cast glass sculptures, lighted glass countertops and backsplashes, wall murals and hangings, lighting fixtures, as well as tableware and jewelry.

Discover the unique possibilities of architectural glass and lighting design — Imagine Glass!